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dog allergies ruston la

How to Tell if Your Dog Has Allergies in Ruston, LA: 5 Symptoms to Watch For

If you own a pet, you care a lot about their well-being. You want your pet to be in the best health possible at all times, and you might be worried that your dog could have allergies, and you might not be aware that they have them. Allergies can run the gamut from simple itching…

4 Reasons Why Your Dog Has Bad Breath in Ruston, LA

Most of us take for granted that pets will have bad breath. This just seems like part of the experience of owning a dog or a cat. However, there are some instances where bad breath can be more severe and linked to health conditions. You should be prepared for your pet’s breath to smell different…
must have dog toys ruston la

Top 5 Must Have Dog Toys in Ruston, LA

If you have a dog, you’ve probably wondered which toys are the best types to get for your pet. Whether your dog is a young puppy or an experienced older dog, it’s always exciting to give him a new toy to play with every now and then but choosing the right kind can be tricky.…
dog safety tips fourth of july

Safety Tips for Dogs on the Fourth of July

Fireworks, barbecues, picnics, fun, summer heat – these are the usual ways we all celebrate the Fourth of July. It’s normal to have a lot of fun on this holiday, but as a pet owner you must keep your dog safe during the festivities.  Things you do to have fun on the fourth of July…