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human foods your dog should not eat ruston la

10 Human Foods Your Dog Should Not Eat

We all love to share our favorite foods with our furry friends, but not all human foods are safe for dogs to consume. At Lagniappe Animal Health in Ruston, LA, we often see cases where dogs have ingested foods that can be harmful to them. This guide will walk you through 10 common human foods…
dog ear infections ruston la

Dog Ear Infections: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Dog ear infections are a common yet troublesome health concern that many pets, and their owners, have to deal with. Although the condition might seem straightforward, a dog ear infection requires immediate professional attention to prevent it from getting worse and causing even more discomfort. Lagniappe Animal Health in Ruston, LA, is experienced in diagnosing…
cat dehydrated ruston la

Is My Cat Dehydrated? 5 Signs to Look For

Dehydration in cats is a common concern that can lead to serious health complications if left unattended. In this blog post, we’ll outline 5 key signs of dehydration to keep an eye out for in your feline. If you observe any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to reach out to Lagniappe Animal Health at (318)…
dog has a tick ruston la

How to Tell Your Dog Has a Tick & What To Do About It

Tick infestations are a common problem that many dog owners face. Identifying them early is essential. Look for small, dark objects that might be embedded in your dog’s skin. Pay close attention to the ears, head, neck, and paws as these are prime spots for ticks to hide. If you see anything unusual, don’t try…
cat meowing what does it mean

Cat Meowing: What Does It Mean?

Every animal and person communicate in a certain way – dogs bark, cats meow, and humans talk. As pet owners, it’s not the most straightforward task to understand what your cat may be saying when they meow. As time goes on, if you listen closely, you will surely get the hang of it. Understanding why…
cat vomiting ruston la

Cat Vomiting: 10 Causes and How to Help

As loving pet owners, we always strive to keep our feline friends healthy and happy. However, it’s not uncommon for cats to experience occasional bouts of vomiting. While vomiting can be a normal bodily response in certain situations, it can also indicate underlying health issues that require attention. In this blog, we will explore the…
heatstroke in dogs ruston la

5 Signs of Heatstroke in Dogs in Ruston, LA

As the temperature rises, so does the risk of heatstroke in dogs. Unfortunately, not all pet parents are aware of the  tell-tale signs of this life-threatening condition. In this article, we will explore the typical symptoms of heat stroke in dogs that pet owners should be aware of in Ruston, LA. Signs Early heatstroke detection…
heartworm in dogs

Heartworm in Dogs: Signs, Treatments, and Prevention in Ruston, LA

Heartworm is a serious condition that can impact dogs all over the country. It is a bigger risk in specific states, but heartworm is a problem that all dog owners need to be aware of. Knowing the signs of heartworm can save your dog’s life, as this kind of parasitic infection can be deadly. Heartworm…
dog microchipping

Everything You Need to Know About Microchipping Your Dog in Ruston, LA

If you own a pet, you probably worry about what happens if they go missing. With the advent of microchipping, your pet can be protected from going missing and never being found again. Microchips make a big difference when it comes to getting pets returned to their owners promptly, even if they have gotten lost…
dog allergies ruston la

How to Tell if Your Dog Has Allergies in Ruston, LA: 5 Symptoms to Watch For

If you own a pet, you care a lot about their well-being. You want your pet to be in the best health possible at all times, and you might be worried that your dog could have allergies, and you might not be aware that they have them. Allergies can run the gamut from simple itching…