Counseling on Pet Nutrition in Ruston, Louisiana

What your pet eats plays a big role in their quality of life and overall lifespan.

There are lots of pet food options available in stores and online, and just as many myths about what’s best for pets. What’s important is that every pet is different, and they require a diet that is geared towards their individual needs. When you talk to your vet, they can answer all your pet nutrition questions, such as:

  • What your pet should be eating
  • How much
  • How frequently
  • When it’s appropriate to switch from puppy/kitten food to adult pet food*

*Feeding an adult dog or cat puppy/kitten food could make them gain excess weight.

Unlike a retailer, we understand your pet’s health, temperament, lifestyle, and other factors, and this will help us determine the right nutrition for them.

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Pet Nutrition Options We Offer

Lagniappe Animal Health offers Science Diet prescription foods, which are high-quality, vet-approved, and rigorously tested for safety and efficacy. If there is a food you need for your pet that we do not carry in our facility, we can place an order for you.

There are prescription diets available for a multitude of conditions, including food sensitivities, gastrointestinal disorders, kidney disease, obesity, and skin disorders. A prescription diet specific to your pet’s needs can give them a better quality of life, and even help to prolong their life.

In addition to foods, we also offer nutritional supplements for skin conditions, joint pain, and more. Omega-3 fatty acids are especially effective in treating dry skin and shedding, and even arthritis.

pet food options at nutritional counseling

The Trouble with Grain-Free Diets

Grain-free diets are often marketed as being healthier for our pets, yet in recent years, grain-free food has been linked to heart failure in dogs. What’s more, grain is not always the culprit for pets with food allergies. Certain proteins can also be responsible. The only way to know for sure which ingredient (or ingredients) in your pet’s food are causing their allergies is to conduct a food trial.

What People Foods are Safe for Pets?

We don’t generally recommend giving your pet handouts from the dinner table and fostering unhealthy habits. But if you want to include your pet in your Thanksgiving or Christmas meal, these foods (in moderation) are safe:

  • Green beans, plain (no butter or seasoning)
  • Sweet potato (no butter or seasoning)
  • Boneless chicken or pork (fully cooked, no seasoning or gravy)
  • Pumpkin, plain
  • Plain white rice

For the best advice on what to feed your pet and how to structure their meal routine, get in touch by calling (318) 255-3303.