Protecting Your Companions
with Cat and Dog Vaccinations
in Ruston, Louisiana

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If there’s one thing we don’t do, it’s subscribe to cookie-cutter medicine that treats all pets the same. While we recommend certain cat and dog vaccinations for every pet to keep them safe, there are others we only recommend based on each individual pet’s needs and risk of exposure. At Lagniappe Animal Health, we take a thoughtful, personalized approach to managing your pet’s protection against disease. Giving your companion more vaccines than they actually need can be harmful and cause an allergic reaction. Moderation and understanding your pet’s health and lifestyle are key to helping them get the most out of their vaccines.

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Core Vaccines for Dogs and Cats

Core vaccines are the most important vaccines for dogs and cats. They afford robust protection against life-threatening viruses such as rabies, parvo, and leptospirosis. The rabies vaccine is required by law in the state of Louisiana, so make sure your pet is up to date with all their vaccine boosters!

  • Rabies: Protects against the rabies virus, which attacks the nervous system. Infection is virtually always fatal.
  • Distemper/parvo: Distemper and parvovirus are highly contagious, deadly diseases that primarily affect puppies, immunocompromised dogs, and senior dogs. Treatment is possible in some cases, but the mortality rate is high.
  • Leptospirosis: Mainly found in water and damp soil, leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that can be life-threatening in dogs.
  • Rabies: Rabies is just as fatal in cats as it is in dogs. Whether indoor/outdoor or indoor-only, your cat needs to remain vaccinated to protect them from rabies.
  • FVRCP (distemper/panleukopenia): The FVRCP vaccine protects cats against multiple diseases (feline rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia), which can cause conjunctivitis, pneumonia, upper respiratory or systemic disease, and other serious conditions.
  • Feline leukemia: We recommend the feline leukemia vaccine for cats that spend time outdoors, because they are more likely to come into contact with other cats that are infected.

Lifestyle-Based Vaccines

Your pet’s health, lifestyle, and environment might require that they be vaccinated for protection against a few other diseases. These include:

  • Bordetella: Bordetella, or kennel cough, is a very contagious illness that can spread like wildfire among unprotected dogs in boarding kennels, daycare centers, and grooming salons. A Bordetella vaccine is generally required for any dog that will be frequenting these facilities.
  • Canine influenza: Dogs can get the flu, too, and it can be highly contagious. Similar to Bordetella, your dog will be most at risk for infection if they are regularly boarded, groomed, or sent to daycare.
  • Leukemia: Indoor/outdoor cats are most at risk for leukemia, which is spread by feral cats. Leukemia can be fatal in some cases, so vaccination might be the best option for your adventurous feline.

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