Meet the Doctor Lagniappe Animal Health

When it comes to experience, Dr. Ratliff has it in spades. We’re extremely proud of the work she has done, and continues to do, to make life better for pets and people.

Dr Ratliff With Dog

About Dr. Ratliff

A graduate of Mississippi State University, Dr. Ratliff has spent her entire career practicing medicine in Northeast Louisiana. As an emergency clinician for 11 years, she is grateful to have been trusted to provide care for the animals of the region under some of the most stressful conditions. During non-emergency hours, Dr. Ratliff not only continued to serve her communities locally; she also spent the last 2 years as a lead veterinarian for the Department of Defense. Serving our military working dogs at Barksdale Air Force Base as well as our veterans and their animals was the honor of a lifetime. In April 2021, she received the Civilian Service Achievement Medal for the standards she set with the Department of Defense.

Dr. Ratliff practices medicine with the philosophy that each animal and their family are special. Treatment and care should be catered to fit each pet’s individual needs. Care requires careful review of all options, and decisions should be made by an owner who knows what works best for their family.