Decoding Your Pet’s Health with Lab Diagnostics and Digital X-ray in Ruston, Louisiana

We can learn a lot of important things about your pet’s health during their physical exam. But to understand their internal health more fully (and detect underlying issues sooner), we need diagnostic testing and digital radiography. At Lagniappe Animal Health, we offer lab testing and digital X-ray to screen our patients for a wide variety of diseases and other conditions. Without these tools, we would not be able to catch health problems at an early and more easily treatable stage. What’s more, it’s our responsibility to give voice to any issues your pet is living with, and keep you informed so you can make the best decisions for their treatment.

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Cat Stethoscope

The Importance of Routine Testing

With annual or semiannual blood and fecal testing, we can detect health problems sooner and intervene with proactive treatment to extend your pet’s life. Regular testing also enables us to confirm that your pet continues to stay healthy from year to year, which is a big plus!

When your pet sees us for their yearly checkup, we recommend a fecal exam and comprehensive blood work to screen for parasites and infections, and assess organ function. If additional testing is required because we suspect an internal issue, we can also work with external laboratories to get the results we need.

Pet Xray On Ipad

Providing Safer, More Accurate
X-ray Imaging

Lagniappe Animal Health uses digital X-ray equipment to help with diagnosing a variety of problems involving the bones, joints, lungs, and heart. The benefits of using digital technology include:

  • Less radiation exposure for your pet
  • Higher quality X-ray images for better diagnosis
  • A faster procedure, which is less stressful for your pet
  • Being able to send X-ray images to specialists with just a click

We might recommend X-rays if your pet is vomiting, limping, coughing, or having some difficulty breathing. They can often show us internal problems that a physical exam and blood work cannot.