Safety Tips for Dogs on the Fourth of July

Fireworks, barbecues, picnics, fun, summer heat – these are the usual ways we all celebrate the Fourth of July. It’s normal to have a lot of fun on this holiday, but as a pet owner you must keep your dog safe during the festivities. 

Things you do to have fun on the fourth of July can be extremely dangerous for your dog, such as the fireworks, food, debris, etc. While some dog owners enjoy and celebrate, others find themselves in an emergency situation during these festivities.

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is kept safe throughout the celebration. These days are often seen as an overwhelming situation in their day-to-day lives. Read on to learn safety tips that you can implement to keep your dog safe on the Fourth of July. 


Dangers That Can Occur During Fourth of July Celebrations

Most people tend to celebrate Independence Day outdoors. It would be best to keep in mind that so many factors put your dog at risk during outdoor Fourth of July celebrations, and some are listed below.

Water Could Be Dangerous for Your Dog

You can decide to spend your Fourth of July on the beach, lake, or somewhere with a significant amount of water. After all, who does not like the beach? Not all breeds of dogs can swim, which means if your dog is a breed that cannot swim, you should keep them out of the water. If they are in the water, you must always keep an eye on your dog at all times. You can give your dog a flotation device, as it is better to be safe than sorry.

Too Much Sun is not Suitable For Your Dog

Spending a lot of time outdoors, especially under the summer heat, can be highly uncomfortable as dogs try to maintain their body temperature. Dogs can get heat strokes when the temperature is as low as 20 degrees.

You can tell that your dog is too hot when you notice excessive panting, increased thirst, bright red tongue, discolored gums, etc. You can choose to apply sunscreen specifically made for dogs to protect from UV rays or keep them out of the sun completely. It’s important to keep their food and water bowls in a shaded area and make sure that they stay hydrated.

Debris and Unhealthy Food Can Be Dangerous For Your Dog

Many playthings are scattered around the floor during celebrations. Whatever it is, some items can be hazardous for your dog if swallowed. Dogs tend to release anxiety through chewing, and they could end up chewing something toxic for them.

Unhealthy foods can also be dangerous for your dog, as they mess with their dietary recommendations. It’s highly unlikely that your dog will see the food scraps and not try to eat them. Candy, baked goods, and other foods can have xylitol in them. Xylitol is dangerous for your dog as it causes their blood sugar to drop and leads to liver failure.

Dangerous Bugs Are Unavoidable

Several insects are harmful to your dogs. Once they come in contact with these dangerous bugs, it could lead to the emergency room. Poisonous bites from insects, bees, and spiders can be detrimental to your dog’s health. 

Long Term Safety Tips for Dogs on the Fourth of July

If you have decided that you will spend your Fourth of July outdoors, then here are some safety tips you can implement to ensure your dog is protected. 

Identification Tags

During times like this, there are always reports about missing dogs. Some dogs get overwhelmed and could end up running away. Ensure your dog has an identification tag with the correct information (dog’s name and contact information). This way, anyone who finds the dog would have access to accurate information.


Microchips are also another great way to find your dog, if it ends up running away due to the overwhelming situation of what we call the Fourth of July celebrations. You should discuss putting a microchip on your dog with your veterinarian if they do not have one already. If they do, you must ensure that they are registered in the system.

Inspect the Environment Beforehand

If you inspect the environment ahead of time, you plan appropriate safety measures for your dog. Look through the place to ensure that it is safe and secure for your pet. You can check to make sure that there are fences, shaded areas, bodies of water, etc. 

Behavioral Therapy 

If your dog has anxious history on the holidays, you should consider behavioral therapy. This can be very beneficial for your pet, because they can learn methods that will help ease anxiety. 

Purchase a Safe Chew Toy

Many dogs want to chew on something when they are feeling anxious and stressed. It would be helpful if you purchase a chew toy for them that can be their go-to during times like these.

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe on the Fourth of July 

Listed below are tips you can follow that will help keep your dog safe on this holiday.

Leave Your Dog At Home Where They Are Safe and Secured

If your plans for the Fourth of July involve the outdoors, then the best choice is to leave your pet at home, where they are protected from all the loud noises and uncomfortable situations. Crowds, firework sounds, and other familiar aspects to gatherings are very frightening to dogs.

 It will help if you put them in a safe room in your house away from all the noise with a blanket to give them a feeling of security. You can block all the neighboring noises from coming into the house by closing the windows and turning on the television.

Even if a party is dog-friendly, it is still advisable that you leave your dog at home to avoid a situation of ‘if only.’

Keep a Close Eye on Your Pet

If you are spending your Fourth of July at home with friends and family, the best way to keep your pet safe is by keeping a close eye on them. You should leave them in the house and not outside when you or your neighbors are setting off fireworks, so they do not end up running away when they get scared.

If you bring your pet outside for some fresh air, keep them away from the barbecue grill. This can avoid them getting burned, and also can ensure that they do not eat any of the food scraps or dangerous items.

Contact Lagniappe Animal Health for More Fourth of July Safety Tips 

Fourth of July can be a very fun time for you and your family, but it can also lead to potential incidents for your pet. By keeping these Fourth of July dog safety tips in mind when planning, you can prevent accidents from happening and enjoy the holiday with friends and family.

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